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Safety Belt Solutions Ltd brings to the market, a team made up of people with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of occupant restraints for the automotive industry.

Please call us and arrange for a no obligation visit, where we can view your applications and listen to your needs. We can offer off the shelf products if they work for you…. if not, we will happily work with you and your team to find the solutions you need.

Our primary concern is getting you the right product when you need it at an affordable cost, your orders will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt. We offer a standard lead time of 7 to 14 days but will always work to achieve the delivery date you need, we also can offer a 1 hour time slot through our delivery carrier DPD.

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Production Capability


  • K12 Buckle Assembly
  • Automatic Retractor Assembly (ALR)
  • R200 Retractor Assembly (ELR)
  • 2pt Static Seat Belts
  • 3pt Static Seat Belts
  • 2pt Auto Seat Belts (ALR/ELR)
  • 3pt Auto Seat Belts (ALR/ELR)
  • Height adjustable 3pt Auto Seat Belts (ALR/ELR)
  • Wheelchair Tie Downs, Floor Fixings and Occupant Restraints
  • Self Retracting Lanyards
  • Other miscellaneous straps

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Quality Control



  • Tensile Testing to 50Kn
  • Hardness Testing
  • K12 buckle weld strength – Destructive testing



  • UTAC
  • SGS

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Handyclix – is a one-handed wheelchair lap belt, that increases the independence of people who have the use of only one hand. The unique static arm and magnetic coupling design enables users with limited motor control and physical strength to attached and release their lap belts.

Handyclix can be fitted at home, and its universal design allows adaptation for left or right-handed users. For use on wheelchairs or stairlifts.


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