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2 Point Retractable (Alr) Lap Belt & 90Mm Blade Buckle

2 Point Retractable (Alr) Lap Belt & 90Mm Blade Buckle


2 Point Retractable (Alr) Lap Belt & 90Mm Blade Buckle

Part No: 72e1-020-00A


ALR stands for Automatic Locking Retractor. This 2 point retractable (ALR) lap belt & 90mm blade buckle utilises the ALR system to lock the webbing in place once the belt is fastened. The ALR system allows the webbing to be extracted in order to engage the tongue with the buckle.

When you stop extracting the webbing from the retractor the retractor AUTOMATICALLY goes into lock mode thus preventing any further webbing from being extracted. To release the retractor locking mechanism, release the tongue from buckle and allow webbing to retract fully into retractor.


Product Information

  • 2 Point Retractable (ALR) Lap Belt
  • Webbing Colour BLACK - 11 panel
  • Fully Extended Length of Belt 1020mm
  • Lay-flat K12G Tongue
  • Retractor fixing hole diameter 11.5mm
  • Blade buckle (K12G) Length 90mm
  • Buckle fixing hole diameter 11.2mm
  • Includes fitting kit and instructions.

Certification & Standards

  • The safety belt meets the requirements of ECE Regulation No. 16/06

This product is manufactured by ourselves in the UK. For more information you can contact us.