Sled Impact Test Rig 

Restraint Systems

DTC has the capability to test your restraint systems from the full system or sub-system through to individual components. This may be within the vehicle body or on a rigid sled and could comprise of a full system or individual seat belt.

Structural Members

Computer modelling and simulations are invaluable tools, but seeing how something works in real life can provide you with data that enables you to build more accurate models and give you piece of mind. The flexibility of our test systems allow us to create bespoke testing for your needs.

Wheelchairs/Mobility Products 

DTC can help you develop your mobility products by providing a representative environment in which to test. This can be either in a vehicle body or on a rigid sled and can range from wheelchair tiedowns, occupant restraints and accessory holders.

white suv on brown field during sunset

Car Accessories

Test a wide variety of vehicle accessories from roof racks and cycle carriers on the outside to internal accessories like camper van furniture or child seats. We can provide a testing solution for your needs.